All That Is Kay Part Twenty

I gingerly got into the front seat of Naasir’s car.

”Super-M for lunch?” he inquired.

”Breakfast. I was late so I didn’t have time to have my breakfast.” I said, peeling off the foil cover and taking a long sip.

”Nice.” He suddenly grinned at me.  ”No eggs and sausages in a lunchbox somewhere?”

”Haha very funny.” I took another large gulp of my chocolate milk.

He shot a sideways glance at me. ”So…”

I knew what was coming. He wanted to talk about what happened yesterday. But I really didn’t want to get into it with him so early in the morning.

So I did what usually works in situations like these. I played dumb.


”About your Facebook status..”

Shit. He just dived right in. Oh well, might as well talk it out and get over with it.

”What about it? I already apologized for it, even though my only crime was not being careful enough with my Facebook security.”

”Yeah I know. Chill man, I’ve realized that you wouldn’t do something so stupid.”

”So what’s the issue? Just trying to further embarrass me?”

”No man! I’m just curious.”

”Curious about what?”

”Who do you think did that? Used your account and posted a bogus status..?”

”You really don’t know? Isn’t it obvious?” I stared at him incredulously. ”Dude, you’re dating her.”

”What, Zaakira? No, she wouldn’t do something so immature.”

”Then obviously you don’t know her as well as you think you do.”

”Okay fine let’s just day that it is Zaakira. What motive would she have for doing something so pointless?”

”You honestly can’t see it?”

He looked at me again. Searching.

”Fine, I’ll tell you, but this doesn’t leave this car. Got it?”

”Yeah okay.”

”Well, firstly, we have history. Remember when she dated Zaid in school? That’s when I registered on her radar. As a threat. She wasn’t very happy bout the fact that Zaid and I were so close so she punked me – and not in the funny haha way – to make me fear her. Long story short, I got my own back and Zaid dumped her for being toxic. And she blamed me for Zaid dumping her. Long story short, that’s why she’s had a personal vendetta against me since then. It’s the reason why she’s so opposed to you being friends with me.”

I said my bit, so I finished drinking the rest of my Super-M. Naasir said nothing after my telling him the cold hard truth about his girlfriend. He stared straight ahead and continued driving. I studied his profile. He seemed unusually tense, as if he was thinking about something that caused him pain, his hands clenched on the steering wheel.

I waited.


Just when the silence was becoming too awkward for me to handle, he spoke, in a quiet voice.

”She told me that SHE dumped him because he was  pressuring her to do things with him that she wasn’t comfortable with.”

”WHAT? Zaid would never do something like that. I’ve known him since we were kids He’s a lot of bad things, but he’s decent.”

”I don’t know what to think Kay. I’ll have to speak to Zaakira”

”You think I’m making all this up? God, I should never have trusted you.”

We were mostly silent for the rest of the ride.


When I got to the office, I went straight to my work computer and programmed it to never keep me logged on – to Facebook and any other site where I have accounts.

Next, I needed to confront Zaakira.

I did it at lunch.

I waited until she went to the loo (which she did everyday at – lunch to fix her makeup).

I followed her into the bathroom. Yeah I know, I was acting all stalkerish, but what could I do? I needed to talk to this girl and I needed to do it soon.

When I entered, she was putting on mascara, mouth open (how is it that when anybody puts on mascara, their mouth always opens wide?)

I dived straight into the crux of it. ”Why did you do it?”

”Do what?” She feigned innocence, failing to conceal the smug smile that appeared on her face.

”You know what I’m talking about. The status update on Facebook yesterday.”

”Oh. That.” Her smug smile evolved into a Cheshire cat grin.

”Yes. That.”

”You can’t say I didn’t warn you. You messed with me, I messed with you.”

”How the hell did I mess with you!” I was furious now.

”You did not stay away from Naasir when I told you to do so. Should have listened to me Kay. Now you’ve gotta face the consequences.”

”Naasir and I are merely friends! How long will it take for that to penetrate your thick skull?!

And anyways, You have absolutely no right to tell me who and who not to befriend!”

”Oh why don’t you go running to Naasir about your tale of how I sabotaged you. He’d never believe you. I’ve got him wrapped around my little finger.”

”You know what Zaakira? I’m so sick of you. I’m gonna get back at you if it’s the last thing I do. You messed with me one too many times. I’m gonna get you good. You should be terrified.”

A fleeting look of fear passed on her face. ”Hahaha scared of you? Oh puh-leez! You’re as scary as a bunny.”

”Just remember, bunnies are EVIL with a capital E.” On that note, I spun on my heel and exited the bathroom. It wasn’t the best of parting lines, but it would have to do.

As I exited, to the left stood Naasir.



Seems like I wasn’t the only one who knew off Zaakira’s makeup routine. He was probably waiting for Zaakira. The bathroom walls were paper-thin and we weren’t exactly quiet in there.

How much had he heard?

Just then Zaakira came out from the bathroom.

Her face went so pale that her foundation and blush looked like clown makeup.

After a long moment of silence, Naasir finally spoke, looking pointedly at both of us.

”We need to talk.”

All That Is Kay Part Nineteen

I was horrified! How could someone be so mean?

I clicked on the comments.

Zaakira: I KNEW you were after Naasir! He didn’t believe me, but knew it all along. How sick can you be?

The other  comments were from people that I didn’t know that well.

‘That’s really messed up”


Of course it’s totally wrong! Don’t you have a moral compass?”

And the last comment was from horror of horrors! WHo else but Naasir! Oh dear god.

Naasir : Not cool Kay. I thought you were different.

How much worse could this get?!

I quickly typed in a new post in the update status box.

This status update is regarding my previous status. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to log off Facebook at work and it seems that someone had a little fun with my profile whilst my back was turned. To all those who thought that it was really me who wrote that post, shame on you! If you really knew me you would know that I think infidelity is disgusting and would never even dream about looking at another girls guy the wrong way. Well, except for Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise, but that’s a different situation.”

I tagged all those who commented and liked my previous status in this one and quickly logged off. I was getting sick of Zaakira’s attempts to make me look bad. Something needed to be done about it.

I would get my group of girls together and see what I can come up with in terms of revenge.

In the mean time, I needed to get back at Senior for that birthday stunt he pulled the day I got my licence.

And I knew just the thing.

I took his bottle of favourite perfume and carefully emptied it into a container. I refilled it with vinegar. Hah! the next time he goes out, SOMETHING will be smelling fishy, pardon the pun.

That sorted, I Called Luthfia and Zaid.

”My house. ASAP! And by ASAP I mean before tomorrow Zaid.”

They both arrived about half an hour later.

I explained to them the problem and re-assured them that I hadn’t lost my mind.

We discussed possible revenge options.

Luthfia was all for public humiliation, but I was after  something more, something that would guarantee that she’d leave me alone for good.

The beginnings of a scheme started formulating in my mind.

I told Luthfia and Zaid that I’d get back to them about the scheme as soon as my idea had finished percolating. They were curious, but I didn’t give any details. They would just have to wait.


They both decided to stay over (since campus hadn’t started for them as yet) so we all (myself, Senior Junior, Zaid,  and Luthfia) watched a couple of episodes of Top Gear – never fails to uplift a foul mood – and then we hit the sack.

Zaid didn’t sleep with us (obviously) so we could safely discuss girly stuff without fear of mockery as we drifted off.

I told Luthfia about how I found out that Ahmed smoked. She understood – If not shared – my hatred of smoking. Zaid definitely wouldn’t have understood.

”I was beginning to think that I may like Ahmed. Like REALLY like him, Luthfia. Not just a crush. I mean he’s obviously smart, and really funny, not to mention exceptionally drool-worthy.”

”And then you found out that he smokes”

”And then I found out that he smokes. I know that all people have weaknesses and all, but did his one really have to be something that I couldn’t ever tolerate?”

Luthfia thought about this for a moment. ”Maybe this is a sign from the almighty, it means that he isn’t good for you. I mean obviously your relationship with him isn’t halaal, so maybe it’s a warning that you should stay away from him.”

”Maybe you’re right. From now on, Ahmed and I have a strictly professional relationship.”

”And what about Naasir?”

I stared at her, even though I couldn’t see her all that well, on account of the light being switched off.

”What about him?” I asked her hesitantly.

”Well, do you still have feelings for him?”

”NO! Why would you think that?!”

”Well because you were crushing on him in high school.”

”Dude, that’s exactly what it was, a CRUSH. Nothing more. I’m over it. Have been over it for a long time now.”

”If you say so.” She didn’t sound very convinced that I was well and truly over Naasir.

Hmph. I’d show her!

”Goodnight Luthfia. I’ve got a long day tomorrow.”


”Wa-alaykum salaam”

I awoke the next morning exhausted! To top it off, I had woken up late! I had only ten minutes to grab breakfast and change before Naasir and Farzana were here to fetch me.

Thank goodness I wore a scarf, it meant that I didn’t have the hassle of having to make my hair presentable every morning.

I dressed quickly and on hearing hooting outside, grabbed a Super-M as breakfast.


I jumped into the backseat, breathlessly apologizing for making them wait.

Until I looked at the front. Only Naasir was there.

He looked bemused. ”Hey Kay. Farzana isn’t coming so you can jump into the front seat.”

WHAAAAT? You’ve got to be kidding me. A 20-minute car ride with Naasir – Alone – after what happened on Facebook last night?

I nervously got into the front.

I was NOT looking forward to the car ride ahead.

All That Is Kay Part Eighteen

I approached Ahmed and Talha.

”Dudes. Seriously? You people smoke? God that’s gross man.”

Ahmed looked startled. ”Oh hey Kay. Yeah, it’s just a habit, we don’t really do it all that often.”

”I thought you people were smart man. Seems like I’ve just had a change of mind. It’s not ”just” a habit Ahmed. It’s vile and I expected better of you.

Talha was just standing there taking all this in. Then he added his two cents.

”Don’t be so quick to judge Kay. Ahmed’s been through a tough time. He deserves to blow off some steam now and again.”

That just made me mad.

”Then what’s YOUR excuse huh? And anyways,blowing off steam  could be done in ways that can benefit you, like going at a punching bag or swimming or running. Not smoking! Sheesh.”

”You’re being insensitive Kay.”

”Drop it Talha.” That was Ahmed. Now he looked mad.

”How am I being insensitive? The way I see it, I’m looking out for my friend.”

Talha glanced at Ahmed. He tentatively replied to me, ” well I just told you that Ahmed’s been through a rough time recently, but you still rag on about smoking. That’s not cool.”

”I told you to drop it!” Ahmed looked really pissed. ”We’re late for work. We have to get back.”

He stalked off in the direction of the exit.

I looked at Talha. ”You weren’t messing around when you said that? I honestly thought you were messing with me.”

”I wasn’t. You shouldn’t assume things. Any self-respecting journalist knows that ‘assume’ makes an ASS of U and ME.”

”Yeah I know, but I just thought you were covering his ass. I’m sorry, I should have been more sensitive. SO what exactly is it that Ahmed’s been through?”

”You should apologize to him, not to me. And I really can’t tell you, if you want to know, you’ll need to ask him.”

”Oh okay, I will. You really shouldn’t smoke though. It will eventually kill you.”

”My time to die is already written for me. Whether I smoke or not is not going to change that.”

”But it will make the circumstances of your death so much more unpleasant. And the quality of life you have.”

‘Make duaa for me.”

”Sheesh that’s what you all say when you lose an argument don’t you.”

The walk back to the office was weirdly quiet. Even Yusra’s chatter wasn’t enough to break up the awkward silence.

I felt bad for putting them on the spot like that and judging them like that, but not bad enough to take it back.

I mean I hadn’t actually done anything wrong.

We got back to the office and I didn’t speak to Ahmed for the rest of the day.

When we were going home, Naasir insisted that I drive to ‘celebrate’ my getting my licence. I finally relented and  was a little nervous about driving his M3, but thankfully the freeway wasn’t too busy.

Naasir looked at me in the review mirror. ”Why don’t we stop by the beach for some ice-cream?”

”Yeah, let’s do that! Let’s get some ice-cream. I haven’t been to the beach in ages!” Farzana was practically bouncing in the passenger seat.

”Okay okay, lets go.” I took the next exit on the freeway and we stopped at the milky lane on the beach.

I hate to admit it, but I had fun.

We ordered from the kiddies menu and had sparklers in our ice-cream. It was a blast. Naasir and Farzana were good company. They weren’t like other siblings; they hardly ever fought and they seemed to really enjoy each other’s company. Which is saying something considering how I was with my brothers.

But maybe it was just because they were twins.

I reached home a little later than usual. My cell battery was drained, so I put it to charge.

3 missed calls from Luthfia and 4 messages from Zaid.

What the hell?

I messaged Zaid back.

What’s up?’

Reply was almost instantaneous.

Check Facebook asap! What were you thinking?!.’

I was so lost. I logged on and saw the notification icon blinking.

Eight people like your post’

Five people have commented on your post

What post?

I clicked on the link.

Was shell-shocked.

Kay : I’ve always had a thing for guys that are taken. Is it totally wrong that I’m trying to steal someone else’s guy?

I definitely didn’t post that! Shit, but nobody has access to my account.

Think Kay, think!

Oh god. I think I may have forgotten to log off Facebook at work before we went out for lunch. Someone must have accessed my account from my work PC.

I knew who was behind this! That bitch was gonna pay!

None other than Zaakira!

All That Is Kay Part Seventeen

So I had my licence! I could drive myself to work everyday now when Naasir and Farzana went off to campus.

But up until mid-Feb I would still be travelling with them.

When he came to pick me up on Monday for work I was a little excited. Because that was the day I turn in my ”You Are What You Eat” piece and it ended up being a one of my better efforts if I do say so myself.

I was hoping that Mr Vawda would deem it good enough to be considered Alive material.

So when Naasir and Farzana came, I was almost bouncing.

I sat down inside and we discussed our respective weekends.

Farzana had spent the weekend with some cousins of hers in the city. They had visited the local aquarium and had debated about going shark-cage diving, but chickened out in the end.

Naasir had chilled at a friend’s house, and went out for a movie on Saturday night. (with Zaakira? hmm)

They were both quite amused when I told them that I had celebrated getting my licence.  Naasir was all for making me drive, but thankfully, he relented when I asked him if he really wanted me driving his car when I was half asleep.

The first thing I did when we reached was hand in my article. All in all, my day was the usual ; proofreading other articles, brainstorming, generating publicity for Alive by phoning up random people and offering them free gifts if they subscribed.

When lunch time came around, I was starving.

I took out my packed lunch (a tuna sandwich) and started eating whilst I scrolled through my Facebook news feeds.

Stalking my friends during my free time always amused me to no extent.

I was halfway through my sandwich, my mouth stuffed with tuna and salad, when Ahmed came up to me.

”Me and a couple other interns are going out to grab a bite. Wanna come with?”

I swallowed my food. Talking with your mouth full, isn’t at all attractive.

”Dude, we’ve got twenty-five mins left.  How are we going to order, eat and be back within twenty-five?”

”Leave that part up to me. Coming?”

”Sure, give me a min.”

I put away the other half of my sandwich and followed him to the elevators.

Whilst we waited for it to arrive, I had a sudden thought.

”Hey wait, Zaakira isn’t coming with us, is she?”

He flashed a smile. ”Nope, I’m not a big fan of that girl.”

”Haha, does that mean that you’re a fan of me,” I joked, pretending to be coy.

”Nope, it just means that I felt sorry for you, sitting and having lunch all on your lonesome.”

”Very funny. You just wanted me cause I’m entertaining. And fun. Admit it.”

”Okay fine, I’ll admit it, You make good company. Are you happy now?”

I stuck my tongue out at him. ”Ecstatic.”

Turns out Ahmed and his friends are big frozen yogurt fans. We had ”lunch” at the nearest Wakaberry which was a two-minute walk from the Alive offices.

I tried the mixed berry flavour. It was tasty, but frankly, I don’t see what all the hype is about.

When we were all done, we still had like ten minutes left, so we decided to go for a walk in the nearby park then go back to the office.

There were five of us, Ahmed, Talha (Ahmed’s ‘bestie’ in girl terms) Talha’s cousin Yusrah, Aatikah (another of the interns – she was very friendly) and I.

So Yusrah, Aatikah and I sat talking on the grass, while Ahmed and Talha went for a walk.

Aatikah and Yusrah were both relatively nice people. Yusrah was a bit superficial, she was quick to judge people based on their appearance and loved to gossip.

Aatikah on the other hand, was quiet and reserved. I she spoke little, but it was not because she had nothing to say, but because she was shy. I had read the article she had submitted and from her style of writing, it was apparent that she was an intelligent individual. I sensed that you had to really get to know her to get her to open up to you.

They both started talking about a wedding that they had been to this weekend. I realised we had to get going back to the office now or we would be late, so I excused myself to go find Ahmed.

They were both behind a tree by the duck pond.



Let me clarify something. I know smoking may not be such a big of a deal for some people, especially since it was just a cigarette and not something stronger (god forbid) but to me, when I see a person smoking, there are a lot of thoughts that come to mind, none of them positive.

There are only two reasons a person would smoke for.

1> peer pressure

2> to seem ‘cool’

I could never understand how people were manipulated by peer pressure, because I was brought up in such a way that I have the confidence to be myself and be strong-minded about my opinions. Therefore, I’ve never had any respect for those who were too weak to resist peer pressure in this regard. I mean someone is telling you to try something that would most probably give you cancer, bad breath, would burn a hole in your wallet, most probably make you dependent on it and give you ugly facial features (darkened lips, yellowed teeth and wrinkles before your time) and you just go along with them? Have you got no mind of your own?

As for ‘being cool,’  I’m sure you know the type. I’m sure you know at least one of them superficial people who do things just to seem cool? They’d only drink energy drinks in public (even though they never did any extra-curricular activities that necessitated the need for extra energy), they’d stand in a certain way, always wore sunglasses, even indoors… stuff like that.

Well these people are the type that smoked to seem cool. I may have no respect for the peer pressure smokers but these dudes who smoke just cause they think it’s cool don’t even register on my radar.

Ahmed didn’t seem like the spineless kind. And he definitely wasn’t superficial like those ‘cool’ dudes.

So what was up with him smoking?

All That Is Kay Part Sixteen

How did Ahmed know that I got my licence?

I messaged him back.

How did you know? I haven’t told anyone yet.

Kay, you’re smart and resourceful. I’ve seen it in your work at Alive You have confidence in what you do. So it’s obvious that you got your licence, because confidence is all you need to master them.’

Awww. I was flattered. He said the sweetest things. It didn’t hurt that it was true. I always put my all into everything that I did.

Thanks Ahmed. Although that’s not entirely true (because you can have all the confidence in the world but if you don’t have skill as well then it’s all for nothing) I’m very flattered. I’m going to celebrate tonight with my family and couple friends. Any ideas?’

And I’m not invited? I’m hurt. Please excuse me whilst I go and sit in a corner and cry.’

‘I’ll believe it when I see it. If that was supposed to make me feel guilty, then sending a picture to prove your point would work way better.’

Later that day, my dad took all of us out to celebrate at my favourite burger place. My mom and dad drove up to the city in one car and Luthfia, Zaid, Junior, Senior and I drove up in senior’s car.

With senior driving, he begged Zaid to sit up front with him.

”She damaged my eardrums earlier today. I need you to make sure that she doesn’t touch the radio dials or else what I have left of my hearing will soon disappear!”

”Haha don’t worry bro, I got your back. She did that to me when I took her to see Iron Man 3. Sang the whole way home. Nearly made me crash the car with those high-pitched warbles. A few cars even hooted at us whilst passing us by. Come to think of it My ears still ring a little whenever anyone mentions Iron Man.”

And they carried on making fun of me until I decided to put a stop to it.

”Hey hey, ONE more word about my singing and I’m gonna start launch into twinkle twinkle little star.”

Luthfia changed the subject. ”Hey since we’re celebrating Kay getting her licence, shouldn’t she be driving?”

Senior wasn’t too impressed with that idea. ”No way is she driving my car.”

I wasn’t too impressed by Senior’s reaction. ”But I got my licence dude! This means that the government has deemed me fit to operate a vehicle on the roads of his country. Oh , what an honour!”

Okay fine, I was being a little dramatic. But hey, I just got my licence. I deserved it!

We finally arrived at The Burger Ranch ( the name of the burger place we were eating at that night.).

We  sat down, ordered and talked as we waited for our food.

The one of the reasons why I loved this place was because their burgers were legendary.

Another reason was that this place had a giant jumping castle shaped like a burger at the back. I turned to Zaid and Luthfia with big pleading eyes.

They knew exactly what I wanted.

”Okay fine, let’s go,” said Zaid rolling his eyes as he stood up.

”Coming?” I asked Luthfia.

”No, you guys go ahead. I’m not in the mood for being childish.”

I rolled my eyes.

”Sheesh Luthfia, sometimes you seriously need to lighten up.”

Luthfia was a bit weird sometimes in the sense that she cared too much about ”what people would think” to truly enjoy herself in public. Like that day at her house, she had so much of fun and had no problem lightening up and ”being childish” as she put it. But now that we were in public and there was a chance that someone she knew would  see her and judge her, she refused to join in.

That was one of the most irritating thing about indian communities. They they would constantly forbid their children against doing certain things, not because it was wrong to do it, or because it could potentially harm them, but because ”what will everyone think.”

So then most of the kids grow up, basing their self-worth on the opinions of ”everyone” and refrain from doing things that may better them as human beings, simply due to the fact that ”everyone” doesn’t think it should be done.

I mean sure, a person should maintain their reputation. And some of the things they warn you against doing make a lot of sense and the warning should be heeded.

But things like ”Don’t eat lollipops in public, it projects a bad image” or ”Don’t sit crossed-legged, you must sit like a lady with your legs folded together” are just ridiculous. I mean, c’mon REALLY?

I don;t let ridiculous ‘rules’ like those bother me. If a person is daft enough to think bad about me for doing things like that, then I don’t give a rat’s ass about what they think.

Most kids adhered to the stupid rules that society placed upon us. Like Luthfia for instance.

Oh well. Her loss. She wanted to be an ”adult” then she could very well miss out all the fun.

Zaid and I bounced and yelled and basically had an awesome time. By the time Senior came to call us to tell us that the food had come, we were both breathless and sweaty.

We followed Senior back to our table. He stopped at the main counter and told us he’ll be just a minute. So we carried on to our table and sat down to eat.

My burger was DELICIOUS. Nothing less than I expected.

”Your brother is flirting with the waitress.” Luthfia was biting on a chip and looking at where Senior and our waitress were talking. The waitress was nodding and laughing at whatever Senior was saying to her.

”Yeah well that’s Senior. Flirts with anything remotely female.”

”It was weird how he didn’t want to let you drive his car, right?”

”Yeah, he’s annoying like that. Can be really patronizing at times. But at least I know he has my back.”

”Hey remember how he punched that dude that he thought was hitting on you at the water park last year? That was so funny. Especially when that dude’s lip started bleeding…”

We started talking about all the silly things that we had all done at some point. Zaid has a lot more to contribute to this conversation than everyone else. Eventually even my mom and dad pitched in with stories of their own.

”That’s her.” That was Senior’s voice, coming from behind me.

I turned to see who senior was talking to and was horrified.

He has the whole wait-staff with him.

And was pointing at me.

The waitress he was flirting with was holding an ice cream sundae with a sparkler in it.

She placed it down in front of me. The rest of the wait staff gathered around our table.

I was even more horrified, when they all started clapping and singing.

”Happy birthday to you…”

It was the standard routine they did for kids who came in to eat on their birthdays.


I looked at Senior. He was grinning.

I glared at him. If looks could kill, he would drop dead that moment!

His grin got wider.

I would get my revenge. Sooner or later, I would get my revenge. Senior had better watch his back!

All That Is Kay Part Fifteen

The days went by quickly. I saw Ahmed a few times at work ( because we were working on the same project together) and he was always nice and with a smile that made a regular appearance.

Once, when he was going out for ice-cream during lunch, he checked with me whether I wanted to join him.

We drove to the nearest milky-lane and had waffles.

It was weird being alone with a guy, but there was no pressure for conversation or anything.

He spoke in an easygoing manner and there was no awkward silences. We just had so much to say.

We were late when we came back to the office, but nobody noticed. Thankfully.

My licence test was around the corner. I was a little stressed out but wasn’t all that worried. I was driving since I was fourteen. This was a small town that I lived in, nobody ever got pulled over by cops, so little errands for my mom and dad I would do.

But I needed to get my licence. Naasir and Farzana would be going back to campus soon and I wouldn’t have a lift to and from Alive so I needed to make sure that I passed my licence. I’m pretty sure the cops in the city wouldn’t be too impressed if they caught me driving without a licence.

I went for a few driving lessons with an instructor to polish up my techniques.

My instructor was so weird, he kept yelling ”Watch out, WATCH OUT!” every time a car passed us by.

It was annoying to say the least.

I think I know how my dad feels when my mom gives unwarranted commentary when he’s driving.


The day of my test, I was nervous. I had butterflies in my tummy. But I held it together.

I was there at the testing center half an hour early.

Whilst I waited for my name to be called, I checked my messages.

A message from Ahmed.

‘what you up to today?

Hmmm, do I tell him or not? If I fail, then that would be so embarrassing.

Aah, what the hell. I told him.


I’m at the testing center… Going for my licence test in a few. Wish me luck.

No can do. You don’t need luck. You’ll ace it!’

I need all the luck I can get. C’mon, how difficult is it to type out ‘good luck?’ ‘

I’m sorry, but I don’t believe that there is a force out there called luck that influences things in order for things to work in a person’s favour. So it’s my policy that I never wish someone good luck. However, I can say a small duaa for you if you like. Those work like a bomb.’

Hahaha this guy was too much. He has many weird quirks, but that’s what made him so intriguing.

I would like that very much. Okay gotta go now, chat later.’

I heard someone calling my name. I stood up, mentally geared myself up (geared myself – get it?) and walked into the office of the lady who was going to conduct my test.

Well, half an hour later…

I was pulling into the parking space at the test center.

With the examiner seated next to me.

I parked off and we both walked into her office.

My shoulders were tense.

I prepared myself for the worst because I really didn’t know whether I had made it or not.

I had switched off once, but didn’t roll. Hopefully, I had gathered enough points for a pass.

I crossed my fingers.

She then handed me a sheet of paper.

A GREEN sheet.

”Congratulations Miss Kay, you have passed your licence.”

I screamed.

I literally screamed.

I was THAT excited.

I mean I had heard countless of horror stories of people going for their licence but not passing even though they drive really well.

I was elated.

When driving back home with Senior (he had dropped me off at the center and fetched me when I was done) I was still on a buzz.

I put on my favourite song and turned it up loud and sang along completely off-key (actually I was screaming the lyrics, not singing them).

Senior looked at me and shook his head dejectedly.

His status update at the next robot changed to:

”Dealing with a lil sister when she’s in a happy mood isn’t the easiest of things. Anybody have a gun I could borrow?”

Haha very funny. As I was reading that, I noticed a ne message from Ahmed.

Oh man, Forgot to let everybody know that I’m officially legal to drive.

Oh well.

I opened Ahmed’s message.

Congratulations! Knew you could do it!’

Whaaaaaaat? I hadn’t even told him yet! How did he know?

All That Is Kay Part Fourteen

I stood there frozen. Did i just hear what I thought I had heard?

Were Naasir and Zaakira breaking up?

This wasn’t happening! This couldn’t happen! Not like this!

Zaakira would blame it all on me! She would sabotage my work. I had to somehow stop his.

Turns out I didn’t have to.. Thank god!

”I’m sorry sweety. I didn’t mean to question you. It’s just that Kay has been really mean to me, ever since we were in school and I don’t want her coming between us.”

WHAAAAAAT? That bloody liar!

”Kay has always been friendly and sweet. I’m sorry Zaakira but I’m pretty sure Kay isn’t like how you say she is.”

”Babes, lets just forget it, okay?”

It seemed as if their conversation was coming to an end, so I quickly made my way outside. I definitely didn’t want to be caught eavesdropping.

I was fuming. The cheek of that girl! Badmouthing me like that. Thank god Naasir had enough sense to not believe those lies!

I wanted to go home and I wanted to go now. I looked around for Luthfia, but couldn’t find her. So I messaged her that I was going and walked outside.

As I was walking down the driveway, a car hooted at me from behind. I couldn’t see who was driving. They were probably in a hurry and were mad that I was walking so slow and blocking their path. I moved to the side.

The car – a white mini cooper convertible – pulled up beside me. Ahmed was driving.

”Hey, need a lift?”

”It’s cool, I can walk. My house is most probably not even on your way.”

”I don’t mind. Jump in.”

I jumped in.

”Cool car.” I remarked.

”Thanks. A graduation present from my dad.”

”I wish I got presents like these. Then again, maybe I would, if I actually got my licence.”

We chatted about our families.

I told him about how my two brothers sometimes drive me nuts, but most of the time I can count on them to help me when I need anything. Unless of course that ‘anything’ is buying pads for me. Then they’re anything but helpful.

He told me about his family. He had just one sister – older than him – who was married with one kid. I teased him that he’s not Ahmed, but rather, Mamajee Ahmed. He laughed and threatened death by tickling should I ever repeat that to anyone.

All in all, Ahmed was a very sweet and fun guy. He seemed really intelligent too. He was studying engineering, but doing this internship because he loved writing.

When he dropped me off at home, he made sure to get out of the car and open my door for me.

He was going to leave me at my door, but I explained to him that it wouldn’t be the best idea, cause my mother wouldn’t be too happy that a strange boy was escorting her daughter home.

In fact that was the understatement of the century. She would freak, have a heart attack and a stroke, all at once.

As Ahmed waved and drove away, I found myself thinking about him.

He was sweet, witty, fun and really REALLY cute.

Maybe, just maybe, I could see myself falling for him.

Who was I kidding, I was already gone – hook, line and sinker!